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The face behind the food

Hi there! I'm Jasmine, the face behind Studio Bakehouse. I'm a qualified chef with over a decade of experience in all things hospitality. I take immense pride in creating stunning cakes and grazing's that not only delight your taste buds but provide a statement piece at your event. I truly believe that food is an immersive experience and its important to appeal to all the senses. I'm super passionate about dietaries and being able to provide a meal thats inclusive to all. 

The Company

Studio Bakehouse was founded out of a passion for good quality produce and a love of styling food to captivate an audience. We are based in Perth, WA and will happily travel along the west coast to help you take the hard work out of catering for your events. After spending years in kitchens both in Australia and Overseas I've acquired not only an eye for detail and an invaluable list of suppliers but also an understanding of what you as a customer need from your vendors.

Why Us?

We know that you're looking for the peace of mind of having your function catered for without having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning while everyone else enjoys the event. We can confidently say that our catering will impress your guests and leave you with more time to enjoy hosting. With over a 10+ years of experience in kitchens you can trust that your food is sourced both locally and internationally and is handled with utmost care along the way. We adhere to strict guidelines in place by the Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ) in regards to allergen and cross contamination as well as safe food handling codes. 

Perfect for!


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